Augmented Vision (Augmented reality and computer vision)

Augmented reality along with computer vision has grabbed great attention in recent years and provides better perspective and visualization aspects to users. It is all about processing in real time and providing multi-dimensional view to users. The components used for augmented reality produce heavy amount of data and at a very high rate therefore AI can play great role by filtering the content of user’s interest and providing results with minimal delay. Although there are various applications which come under this field however the focus of this center will be limited to Education and Health. Exploitation of augmented reality along with AI can greatly helps students for better understanding of the course content especially in the fields of Biology, Mechanics, Civil, Architectural and other related which involves study of multi-dimensional objects. Healthcare is also a very critical and an important field of study where products can be designed which can help doctors better visualize the reports. A startup is recently launched that uses Augmented Reality techniques to give realistic user experience to gamers. The startup plans to use computer vision techniques as well to be incorporated in the game.


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