Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems and Security

With rapid enhancement in computation and hence handheld digital devices everything is moving from local to global networks creating severe security threats. The cloud technology has been very useful for providing resources to customers as per requirement basis but at the cost of loose secrecy. Looking at the importance of secrecy ranging from individual perspective to government organization the research will be conducted in this area as well. Some AI techniques will be adopted, which can help introducing dynamicity in the network so that to hackers/ unauthorized persons it looks like random patterns and hence become difficult for them to interpret.

R&D areas mentioned above are determined by keeping in view the social, economic, security, and future needs of Pakistan. The Center for Artificial Intelligence will enhance the expertise and competence in above mentioned fields. The establishment of this center and R&D in these fields will lead to improvements in current R&D at this university and development of new dimensions of research and engineering. It will also create effective collaboration between academia, other R&D organizations and industry which will certainly result in socio-economic development of Pakistan.


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