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This is the project that will provide ease of access to control various IR based home appliances i.e., Television, Air conditioning, and others. An IR hotspot gadget will be designed which will control IR appliances by encoding the Wi-Fi signals. Through this single gadget the customer would be able to control IR appliances of most of the companies.


This project is about developing a cost effective smart home solution that is compatible to existing infrastructure of homes in Pakistan. It covers the applications ranging from energy management, safety & security, assisted living to entertainment. For efficient energy management smart boards will be designed through which appliances/ switches can be controlled and monitored using an interactive mobile app. Besides providing remote access, smart boards will be capable enough to monitor the power usage of each appliance and in case of unpredictable event it can generate alarms to home owner as well. The design of smart boards will be very flexible and easy to use. The customers just need to replace the existing boards with smart ones and can enjoy its features through mobile app.  


Variety of safety & security sensors is designed i.e., motion detector, obstacle detector, sound detector, camera sensor, and others. Each sensor be integrated to its nearest smart switch board. This reduces the overall overhead by not disturbing the existing infrastructure of home. Thus the overall design is very simple to use, install, and maintain.

For elderly people Wi-Fi enabled smart remote control will be designed through which switches/appliances can be controlled in the room. The home owners can encode key buttons to deliver certain message according to their requirements. Therefore, elderly people can generate alarms to home owners in case of any need or emergency.

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