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Envisaging a long term program to involve, train and equip university students for the space industry, SUPARCO management has taken the initiative in the form of “Pakistan National Student Satellite Program”. This program is envisaged to enable universities to undertake R&D in the field of satellite development. The main objective of this program is to create awareness among the national universities about space science and technology. This program is divided into three distinct phases. Pakistan National Student Satellite–1 (PNSS-1) is first satellite of this series. PNSS-1 is a 50kg class satellite with average power of 50W in Sun-synchronous low-earth orbit at an altitude of 500km.


Space segment and ground segment of PNSS-1 are decomposed into various “units”. The “unit” is defined as a combination of hardware, software or firmware (whichever is applicable in a particular case). Each unit is assigned or allocated well-defined tasks or functions which it is intended to perform when integrated into its respective System. Space segment of PNSS-1 consists of 25 different types of units whereas the ground segment consists of 8 different types of units.  

Our Part

Research students are involved in this project to complete the design for different units by understanding the requirements of the unit and proposing a solution on the basis of their knowledge in the field of science and technology. The students will be required to complete their respective units as per the requirements of SUPARCO. The development and implementation of prototypes will be funded by SUPARCO.


⦁ Take images
⦁ Act as radio transponder
⦁ Scientific experiment

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