Our Goals

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a large, versatile and growing field of 21st century. Throughout the developed and developing world, academia and industrial giants of current era are investing their resources and contributing towards its cohesion into everyday life. Pakistan Science Foundation, Govt. of Pakistan has also included Artificial Intelligence in the list of “Priority Research Areas”. The main goal of Artificial Intelligence is to exploit the available knowledge in an efficient way and introduce automation in various fields of study. The specific objectives of the Center are:

  • Promotion of the theoretical and applied knowledge of AI in academic and industry
  • Contribution of knowledge w.r.t social relevance in Pakistan’s perspective
  • Training at tertiary, secondary and primary levels for production of necessary Human Resource
  • Policy and Planning: Dialogues and consultation through conferences, seminars and workshop on emerging themes and application in AI
  • Networking: Maximizing Pakistan’s participation within international AI community – both academic as well as industrial.
In competitive time, the targeted research areas of the Center for Artificial Intelligence are listed as under.

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