Promotions of young Researchers

promotion of young researchers (RCAI)
promotion of young researchers (RCAI)

The most common and successful strategy for promoting research and researchers throughout the globe is based on collaboration and a hierarchical order of under grad and post grad students. The foundation of this center will be laid down by following a similar kind of methodology.

Our Strategy

Fresh graduate from different department under the faculty of Electrical, & Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences will be entertained. Since, complete real time R&D based projects almost always involve electronics, communication, and programming. Therefore, quality based R&D can be achieved when young researchers from each department will try to utilize their knowledge.

Benefits for the Researchers

By following this strategy, researchers will also get chance to look out of the box and learn new things which are out of the scope of individuals department but really necessary for polishing their skills. Apart from that, in Pakistan opportunities for young researchers/ fresh graduates are lacking therefore they are not able to utilize the knowledge they have acquired during bachelors. Fresh graduates are not likely to get entertained for job positions which are specific to their graduation. Therefore, they either forget heavy amount of knowledge gained or go abroad for grabbing better opportunities. In any case, the loss is associated with this country. The youth is the building block of any nation therefore creating job opportunities where young researcher’s can enhance their skills and gain practical insights are really necessary. With the establishment of this center, opportunities for fresh graduates will increase and instead of serving other countries they will serve Pakistan, and that is much needed. In addition, it will become easier for them to continue post graduation from this university as well.

promotion of young researchers (RCAI)
promotion of young researchers (RCAI)

Undergrad students will also get chance to learn new things and gain practical insights under the guidance of post grad students. While, post grad students can take benefit of creative and innovative ideas of their juniors. Therefore, this hierarchical order is beneficial in any case. In addition to technical skills, the communication skills are extremely important for young researchers. Therefore, different seminars and workshop will also be organized for improving their skills. Since Artificial Intelligence is active field of research in almost every Engineering University. Therefore, collaborative research with Local/ International universities will also be one of the main objectives of this center. Through collaboration our young researchers will become more confident and capable of working on any challenging project of the world.

Internships In Germany

At present, under DAAD-RCAI funded project the undergrad/ young researchers have served as internees at Center of Artificial Intelligence Research, DFKI Germany for around 2 to 3 months. Three of undergrad students recently completed their internship during summer vacations and in November, 2016 few of our young researchers will also get chance to visit DFKI. During May, 2016 an International workshop was organized by RCAI-CIS department under DAAD funded project where speakers from various national and international universities participated and shared their achievements and experiences with young researchers and students. Thus, through team work, collaborative research, workshops, seminars, and internships the center will try to promote young researchers, fresh graduates and under grad students.

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