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Artificial Intelligence In Our Center

Artificial Intelligence is gaining significance at such a rapid pace, that it has started appearing as a key strategic feature for many advanced countries, and obviously Pakistan cannot afford to isolate itself. Sensing the need, NED University had already taken several initiatives supporting AI related activities which are socially relevant and engage faculty and students in state of the art. In response to this call, NED University strongly feels that it has the fundamental ingredients, in terms of HR, infrastructure as well as its international connection with German Research Center of Artificial Intelligence to serve the nation in the exciting and challenging field of AI. The proposed center combined the existing strengths of High Performance Computing Center and Koshish Foundation Research Lab has changed into the Center of AI, and this center of Artificial Intelligence has moved forward through international benchmarks, the university is considering to have separate infrastructure for it. The proposed center RCAI- Research Center For Artificial Intelligence aims to promote and contribute towards AI in Pakistan’s perspective and priorities, while also providing training base at various levels, providing consultancy support to both industry as well as government, and maximize Pakistan’s participation in International AI community networks. The center will target application areas in Building Infrastructure, Transport, Robotics, Decision Support Systems for national and institutional planning and policies, Finance, Water and food resources, Energy, Smart Grid and Cyber Physical and Security Systems.


Once it was a lab named KFRL, which came into exixtance two years back, in this short duration of time, KFRL team has proven their worth through hard work and passions, the team has successfully achieved funding grants from numerous national and international organizations i.e., NED University, and DAAD under German & Pakistan Research program. Now the team is also engaged in providing the solutions on demand basis to different local organizations like we are working for K-electric to replace their old control systems with enhanced plug & play versions.

Our Infrastructure

One key to success of this AI Center is the organization of team in a hierarchical fashion. Here we have students from PhD, Masters, and Bachelors who along with their studies carry out research work at RCAI- Research Center For Artificial Intelligence and enjoy descent stipends. This hierarchical order help juniors learn from their seniors and produce quick and better results. The students here belong to different departments, which comes under the umbrella of IEEE faculty, that is why the RCAI center produces complete integrated solutions i.e., hardware and software which are efficient in every aspect.

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RCAI- Research Center For Artificial Intelligence
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RCAI- Research Lab


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RCAI- head office

Facts and Figures

Location:Karachi, NED University Of Engineering & Technology
Founded:  2014 as KFRL Laboratory
now as RCAI-Research Center For Artificial Intelligence from end of 2016 
Number Of Employees:  About 50 including Research Students 
Application Areas: AI- Artificial Intelligence;
IoT- Internet of things;
Machine learning;
Product design;
Embedded System;
Web development;
Desktop Application;
Android Application;
PCB Designing;


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khurram
Head of research center RCAI
Phone: +92 335-3046110
Ext: 2400
Email: mkhurrum@neduet.edu.pk

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