Organization Management & Infrastructure

Aorganization management infrastructure
organization management infrastructure

  • A Professor / Associate Professor of NED University with relevant experience will lead the center as the head who will be assigned administrative authorities and will be responsible for proper monitoring and operation of the center as per defined scope and objectives.
  • Individual research groups within the Center will be led by senior faculty members of NED University provided the research field is same.
  • In case of possible collaboration with other institutions or industry a project head from their side will also be selected.
  • The research teams of each group will be based on their complexity and level of difficulty. The possible combination involve:
    • Paid researchers having PhD degree in the relevant field of study
    • Paid PhD Scholars
    • PhD Scholars with funds granted through third party
    • Paid Post-grad students
    • Masters students, paid stipends as a part time for their thesis
    • Under grad students

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