RCAI’s Objectives

main objectives of AI
main objectives of AI

Role of NED in Attaining Objectives

NED University is an ISO 9000 certified university, where each of its entities have SOPs built around it core functions. Likewise, the center is also expected to develop its SOP.Planning and management play key roles in achieving objectives and ensuring sustainability of any organization or center. Initially, the short proposals on mentioned areas, under Scientific Goals heading, will be prepared which will be focused around active problems in specific field of study. They will also contain detailed Gantt chart including tasks and timeline of the project. Based on the complexity of the projects teams will be formed including post graduates, fresh graduates and under grad. For making sure that objectives mentioned in specific proposals are timely achieved SCRUM activity will be carried out by individual teams on daily basis and by complete center on weekly basis. SCRUM is basically an agile software development model which greatly helps in self organization of team and solving their problems at early stages of the project. Therefore, this activity will serve as one of the main measures for achieving overall objectives of the center on timely basis. For ensuring sustainability of center it is important that the concerned person or a team keeps an eye on the latest R&D in the field of AI. This will make sure that center is not re-inventing the wheel and the teams are well aware of the latest research and hence at the same page across the globe. Apart from that, it is extremely important to create healthy and interactive environment for long time sustainability and success of the center by entertaining innovative ideas and latest research. In this way, team members will get chance to improve their skills with time. The positive changes introduced on timely basis will definitely result in great success for the center and ultimately its sustainability.


Collaborative research will remain one of the main objectives of the center. It will be responsibility of senior researchers of the group to approach different industries and academia for healthy collaboration i.e., financial and technical. With time fresh proposals will be submitted to different funding agencies across the globe for continuous financial support. Through this, team members will get opportunity to work on most of the challenging projects/ problems in the field of study. They will gain more confidence and sense of achievement by successfully playing their part. With time center will extend its collaboration by outperforming hence will gain the confidence of other parties and surely new opportunities will be created. Therefore, with this approach not only the skills of team members will improve but the size of center will increase and thus its sustainability. One of the main objectives of the center would be to shape the projects from prototypes to products and gain active attention of the industry. This will make sure the practical importance of R&D being conducted at the center. The center will actively produce the quality based publications in the form of research articles and patents.

Main Objectives

The measures defined here takes in account all minor and major parameters of interests ranging from success of individual projects by proper monitoring and evaluation through different activities to collaborative research, products, patents, and research publications.
The Center for Artificial Intelligence will target following areas to make itself sustainable:

  • HR training through Degree and Certificate Programmes
  • Consultancy services
  • Applied research and proof of concepts
  • Exploring Ventures
  • Forming Startups based on the projects and research conducted in the center

Center Management


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