Statement Of Host Institution

statement of host institutions
statement of host institutions


We believe that sustaining a research center depends on maintaining customer confidence and relevance. The sustainability framework shall be based on:

  • Having well defined academic research and commercial objectives
  • Association of objectives with key stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • Proactive system for liaison and coordination with stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • Continuous monitoring and review of research center KPIs and customer satisfaction
  • Generating funds through training and consultancy, research grants, commercialization, alumni/stakeholder contribution, endowment.

Role of NED

In this regards, NED University shall spare its infrastructure support in terms of building and utilities for the RCAI center. It would further be supporting in terms of recurring expenses for typical HR requirements. It expects that like all successful research ventures, the RCAI center will reach fiscal sustainability in about five years’ time. The university has already invested considerably in two of its centers (High Performance Computing Center and Koshish Foundation Research Lab) which has been brought under the proposed center of AI "RCAI- Research Center For Artificial Intelligence". These centers have been on the path of fiscal self-reliance and we are confident that the same could be achieved with the existing experience and through proper planning and professional operations. The RCAI center is expected to pass through international performance benchmarks over the coming years, after which the university would consider requesting for a separate infrastructure support.


‘Coordination’ and ‘collaboration’ is corner stone for this research center for AI (RCAI) to serve in national interests. Accordingly, the RCAI centers services and expertise is accessible for national academic and research community with reasonable commitments. However, the RCAI shall be expected to commercialize its way with industry and other stakeholders.

Center Management


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