Applied Research & Knowledge transfer

Applied Research & Knowledge transfer
Artificial Intelligence

The areas of research chosen for the establishment of center are versatile which covers applications of interest ranging from individual customers, industries, academia, to government. The scope presented here for the RCAI center is really wide therefore it will become a bit easier for heads of the center to attract customers/partners from various domains.

Initial colaboration with customers

Communication with customers at initial levels of research greatly helps in modifying the design as per their requirements since they will be using the product or service. Therefore, initially apart from technical research, data from customers will be collected by conducting different surveys. The collected data which is actually a perspective of real customers will help in finalizing the specifications for each project so that in future they could take shape of successful products/ services which will be welcome by their users. The center will also focus on rapid prototyping of individual projects so that it becomes easier to claim the argument and attract more customers/partners. A marketing team will also be formed which will look for all possible local and international customers of interest and will approach them. Social networks have also been very useful channel for spreading the word and approaching customers at raid rate. Therefore, all marketing, media, and social networking tools will be used for approaching customers from beginning of the projects.

Collaboration with different industrial partners

Currently, Research Lab for Artificial Intelligence RCAI at CISE department, NED is working in collaboration with different industrial partners including national software companies (Ephlux Karachi and USA) which is trying to provide software based services using Oracle cloud. Research Lab for AI at NED is designing IoT sensor gadgets for data collection. AI techniques are being applied here especially for anomaly detection or alert generation. Therefore, collaboration is expected to continue in near future by introducing additional features and intelligent techniques.

Similarly, High Performance Computing Center at NED University is also actively building collaborations with the academia and industry. In the fields of Machine Learning, Data mining, Multimedia analysis etc. this center will continue its efforts to bring in sponsors, shareholders and collaborators for the Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.


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