Workshop on Embedded Systems

The main aim of this workshop is to create a better learning and research based environment in NED University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan. It is a platform where students can learn and then make their project Ideas come true. Internet of Thing (IoT) is an emerging technology and lots of research projects are going on round the globe related to this field. Wireless sensor network on the other hand is the building block of this technology. Therefore this workshop covers all the main topics and components related to design of a simple wireless sensor network and then to transfer its data to remote location through Internet. The content design of this workshop is really versatile ranging from Arduino, sensors, to XBee and GPRS module. During this workshop kit will be provided to individual student for experimentation purposes. The Kit includes the Arduino board, Sensor, Power Regulation, and Xbee PCBs. After successful completion of this workshop the student will be able to design a wireless sensor node and can transfer its data to main server through GPRS module.

embedded system
Embedded System Design

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